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"For multi-day travelers in the winter back country, the vapour barrier eliminates the problem of having to dry out boot liners at night or succumb to the sinking feeling each day that the boots are becoming colder and colder." "Hot Tips For Cold Feet" - Murray Toft.

VB Socks


A must in extremely cold climates; avoid freezing condensation on moisture-soaked feet

Lightly coated 70D nylon is waterproof, Wear as a layer between liner and outer sock, Elastic ankle ensures a snug fit, Top of sock extends and locks with elastic and a cord lock, Stuff sack included

US Men's Euro Weight:
Unisex Small:   6-7 38 - 39 1/2 2.5oz (70g)
Unisex Medium:   8-9 40 2/3 - 42 2.7oz (75g)
Unisex Large:   10-11 43 1/3 - 44 2/3 3oz (80g)
Unisex XLarge:   12-13 46 - 47 1/3 3.2oz (90g)
Packed Size:   3"x 5" (8 x 13cm)
Color:   Dark Navy
Unit price: $30.00 USD

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Product Review:

"This vapour-barrier liner (VBL) creates a slider effect between the socks, thereby reducing or eliminating any friction that might lead to blisters. And, since our perspiration stops at this layer, our outer sock remains perfectly dry and able to offer maximum insulation. Likewise, our inner boot remains totally dry." - Murray Toft.

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